Open my Eyes

Open the eyes of my heart,

Open the eyes of my heart Lord.

I want to see you.

When I saw the prompt word of Open that was what came to my mind right away. And as my mind drifted around the words that make up the song I wondered how many people truly mean it when they sing those words.

Do we really want God to open up our eyes or do we like living in our bubble where we don’t see the hurt and pain that surrounds us?

There is pain in the world and most days I just live my life without a care in the world.

[tweetthis]There is pain in the world and most days I just live my life without a care in the world. @Airman2Mom[/tweetthis]

I am so blessed and do not have to worry about my next meal, having a warm place to stay or anything like that, but I know there are people who do.

But I don’t see them and even when I do I normally just drive right by.

A few weeks back I saw a lady on the side of the road with a tent and thought she probably needs food. I was going to the grocery store and thought I will buy her some groceries and bring them to her.

Did I?

No, as I was unloading the car at my house I remembered my thought of helping her. Even with open I eyes I still forget.

So I have come up with a new plan. I have been thinking about buying a few gift cards for grocery stores or restaurants so I can have something readily available when I see someone in need, but each time I am at the check out my mind wanders and I forget. I loose my focus and end up unloading my groceries and saying next time I won’t forget.

We live in a lost and hurting world do we really want to see it?

I’m linking up with the flash mob of writers who write for 5 minutes on Friday. This week’s word is OPEN. Join in by commenting below or linking up.

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16 comments on “Open my Eyes

  1. I have this problem, also. Our homeschool group got together and made blessing bags for the homeless in and around our city on Valentine’s day. Even thought I have these bags ready and waiting to hand out, I somehow drive through the city and focus only on getting to our destination, not seeing the hurting people standing on the sidewalk next to my car. I’m praying for open eyes and hands ready and willing to help.

    • Praying for you to have open eyes as well. I think it is great you guys did something to help a group that is probably often forgotten for this holiday and many others.

  2. I like how you called the writers of Five Minute Friday a ‘flash mob,” That is a fun and descriptive title.

    I also think of good. helpful things t do and then I also forget. March is my birth month and I have decided it is also going to be my planned but Random Acts of Kindness month too. I have a list of things to do and will do one or two each day. I am hoping that after such a concentrated month of RAK’s, I will stay more open to the needs around me.

    • I think I stole the description from Lisa Jo…She is the reason I started a blog and I originally started by just doing FMFriday every week.
      I think focusing on others during your birth month is a great idea. And it is nice to hear I’m not the only one who forgets.

  3. I think we all have been guilty of not truly seeing those hurting around us. At least I know I too have been guilty. I want God to truly open my eyes and help me to not forget but to help all Gods people.

    • you are right, we are human and it is only natural to focus on ourselves. I guess that is why we need a savior to save us from our sin. I’m praying God will open our eyes to the hurt so we can make a difference.

  4. I understand. I always think of things at an inopportune time and then when it’s the right time I just don’t think of it! I know God will enable you to have what it takes to follow through, but in the mean time I think he sees your heart and he is pleased 🙂

  5. I’m your FMF Neighbor and kept forgetting to come by. When I first saw the OPEN prompt I actually thought of that song as well. It was one of my favorite songs for a long time. It is just so great and has so many ways it can be interpreted. I’ve actually used it a few times at church on topics of forgiveness.

    I think sometimes it’s so easy to glaze over things we don’t see what is right in front of us!

    • Thanks for stopping by. You are right there are so many different applications to this song. Forgiveness is something I am constantly working on as humans we let each other down and sometimes I take it personally and sometimes it is nice when God opens our eyes to see there is something more. 🙂

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