Handmade Valentines May Mean a Mess

I had this great idea. We were going to make beautiful valentines for grandparents and my hubby. My son is 18 months old and I thought, who wouldn’t love to get a V-Day card made by him. I thought it would be easy and would be perfect saying, “I love you” with his perfect little hand stamps. In the end, they might even be Pinterest worthy—or maybe not so much.

Painting Valentines

I bought the paint, pulled out the paper, laid everything out. We were ready to make our beautiful creations. I knew it was starting to head south when the paint touched his hands and then went into a smeary mess all over the paper. No singular handprint, just a glob of paint smeared randomly. We kept going and I started working on my own finger paint masterpiece. He smeared colors together. Red, blue, purple, yellow, green. It did not matter what color I picked he was happy to keep on painting.

1502_Finger_Paint_006 1502_Finger_Paint_003

He made three creations by the time I had finished my one. I was hoping since he had had so much fun I would be able to add his handprints to my painting to have something that could be marveled at for years to come.


Things didn’t go according to plan…

He did not agree. Screaming ensued and a demand to be put down, I complied and my perfect handprint I had been dreaming of ended up on the side of the house where the water heater was instead. I guess I was overwhelmed since I hurriedly cleaned up the mess before taking a picture. Somehow I got focused on the product instead of the process of having fun even if it meant getting messy.


So maybe it did not go as planned. Maybe next year we will have better luck. I am still glad we took the time to make a mess and create some smears of paint. I hope everyone loves them and knows they are loved.


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    • I’m glad I could inspire you. I thought my craft needed to be perfect, but the more people I talk to about this I realize just doing something is what makes the memories worth it. 🙂

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