Disneyland’s Frozen Fun Tips

Disneyland’s California Adventure is currently hosting (until late May 2015) Frozen Fun for families to enjoy. My husband and I have never seen Frozen, but our son already knows who Olaf is and when he sees him occasionally he will belt out “Let it Goooo” It is pretty cute. As annual pass holders we have been able to see various parts of the Frozen Fun area.

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Our first visit to the Frozen Fun area happened by accident. We knew that soon Frozen Fun was coming, but did not realize the grand opening (still days away) was not the true official start date. We were surprised when a Disneyland employee asked us if we were interested in seeing the Frozen musical and sing along. Fast passes were available for a show that would start in an hour. We decided why not. Got our fast passes. While we waited for the show we watched the Boogie and Sway at Snowy Soiree Family Dance party. We danced and listened to the various artist as they sang, danced and stomped away. Soon it was time to see the show so we headed over to the theater (formerly Muppets theater) and sat and waited for the sing along to start Our son who was 18 months old could hardly sit still for anything so we were unsure how long he would last during the 30-minute show. But from the first note to the last snowflake falling from the ceiling our 18 month old did not move a muscle. He loved the show and my husband and I also enjoyed “seeing” Frozen through music. Although, I’m still a little confused on the plot.


Since the grand opening had not taken place yet, there were still parts of Frozen Fun not ready for visitors. We recently visited Disneyland’s California Adventure again and since my son loves Olaf I wanted to get a picture with him. We headed over to the Olaf’s Snow Fest in hopes of finding Olaf. We were told we could wait in line to see Olaf to the right or see the snow to the left. We did not care too much about snow, since we lived in Ohio last year and saw more than we needed. So we picked the Olaf line.


What the employees did not tell us was that we were not actually in a line to see Olaf, we were in line to get a pager to let us then get in another line to see Olaf. This did not sound like a good plan, but I really wanted to see Olaf. It actually ended up being a great choice. The pager was your ticket into Olaf’s Snow Fest. Once you received your pager you were free to go in and wait inside to see the snow or just walk around. The pager got you access to Olaf and the snow. Where the snow line only got you access to the snow. It was the best line to be in. After receiving our pager (it took about 30 minutes and only one person needs to wait in line) we walked around and in 15-20 minutes it buzzed and we brought it to a desk inside Olaf’s Snow Fest. Then we waited in a 5-10 minute line to actually see Olaf. It was worth the wait.

Olaf's Frozen Fun Zone: Disneyland Ca adventure

Disneyland has created a fun magical adventure for those who want to celebrate Frozen, and who doesn’t?

I hope you can use these tips to your advantage if you are visiting Disneyland in the next few months.


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    • It was a great way to not have to wait in line for so long, but they didn’t explain it very well so that is why i decided to write a post about it.

    • I’m still trying to figure out why let it go is the popular song. I loved when he sang about how excited he was about bringing back summer. 😉

  1. I love Olaf, too; and have seen Frozen several times with the grandchildren! Love the photos of your son and Olaf…glad it all worked out for you; 18 months is not easy to keep captivated for 30 minutes!

    Thanks for sharing!

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