Strengthening the Heart of the Homemaker

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Sometimes Moms downplay all the work they do. As a homemaker you do so much to help keep your family running either through cooking, cleaning and giving hugs and love to hold the family together.  Sometimes it is draining and you need a push to keep you going. This book provides gentle encouragement and focus on key areas. There are thirteen different focus areas, you can pick one a month through the year.

General Homemaking
Caring for Yourself
Health and Wellness
Food & Cooking
Pregnancy and Babies
Motherhood and Parenting
The Homemaker’s Faith
Faith for Children
Working from Home
Special Events

The approach focus on four scriptures for each of the focus areas. Each scripture is written on a cute printable form that is 4×6 that you can put around your home. On your mirror, in a picture frame, on the window, anywhere that you will see it and be reminded of your focus. There are also questions to focus on through out the month.

I’m starting out 2015 with a focus on Caring for Yourself. Which of the 13 sections would you focus on first?

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*This post contains affiliate links. The opinions are mine alone, I was not paid to write this article. I received a free copy of Strengthening the Heart of the Homemaker for this review.

10 comments on “Strengthening the Heart of the Homemaker

    • I wonder what life will be like years from now when we are empty nesters. I hope I can look back and remember the good times we had.

    • I love that there are printable verse to go with each section. You can put them all around the house to help you keep focused through out the month.

  1. I love that you chose to focus on yourself first… when you are healthiest you will be able to pour out to those in your home the best! Good for you! And way to be intentional. (Sort of like going into battle – you have to have a plan of attack, right? See what I just did there?)

    • Love your comment Wendy, encouragement and love. I think I might have to keep going back to myself. I seem to have a hard time remembering all the things I learn, but I guess I also need to give myself grace.

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