Peace Tuesday at 10

This week’s word was Peace. Karen’s Mom passed away last week and she choose that word in honor of her. I had planned on writing this post for Monday and did not really know what to say until something happened Sunday night. I hope you enjoy.

Peace – Tuesday at 10

Last night as I was getting my son ready for bed I hurt my lower back. I could not sit, stand or walk without feeling pain. My little boy reached up to me wanting me to hug him and I could only grimace in pain. I wanted to hold him, I told him I loved him, but could not hold him. Of course he did not understand and whimpered a little. But somehow the bed time rotunie that has been a struggle all week went relatively easy tonight and he was out without any crying, struggle or anything. Just out.

I am so thankful for the gift God gave me. As we were getting him ready I started to pray for God to help me. Maybe he could heal me instantly; maybe he will just make it so I can get through each day until I am better. Today in church we learned that God gives us struggles to help us lean on Him. As I was praying I asked God how to show me how I could grow closer and learn from this situation.

I wonder what I will be learning over the next few days. I am pretty sure I will learn a little bit about patience as I wait for healing. And for some reason even through my initial thought was how will I survive tomorrow on my own. Once I started praying I realized I would not be alone. God will be with me. God will help me.

And you know what that gives me? Peace.

Peace that I will survive.

Peace that I will feel better eventually.

Peace that I can do this, with God’s help of course.

Please pray that my back continues to heal and that I can help my son understand the pain I am in. We are taking a class on love languages and my husband and I were talking about how we are pretty sure his primary language right now is personal touch.

Have you ever been in a situation that was scary, but God’s peace made it so you could face it without fear?

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Join Karen and write on Tuesdays! Check out the prompt each week.

12 comments on “Peace Tuesday at 10

    • Feeling better. Just a little sore now. To add insult to injury, Luke started throwing up and made for a rough night so far. He is sleeping now. Praying he gets better soon.

  1. I’m so sorry you hurt your back! I have been there, done that and it’s just no fun — especially when you want to hug and snuggle your little one. I had a similar but different experience when I was pregnant with my second daughter. My OB discovered that I had a problem with my cervix that put me at high risk for premature labour and delivery, so she put me on bedrest at 26 weeks with instructions that I was only allowed to sit or lay down and could only get off my behind long enough to get something to eat or drink, use the bathroom, change clothes, or shower. Everything else had to be done by someone else — including the care of my then 7 months old eldest daughter. I remember leaving her office and feeling more than a little overwhelmed with worry about how I was going to successfully do this bedrest thing and take care of our infant baby girl. It was a very stressful 9 weeks (baby girl #2 was born just after 36 weeks), but God provided all the help I needed and gave me the peace that I needed too. I’ll admit though, it was hard to trust, but I’m glad I did. Stopping by from the 31 Days Survivor group!

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I thought about the fact that it could have been a whole lot worse. I felt a lot better in the morning and used the day to relax. I knew God wanted me to slow down so I did.

  2. back pain is no joke – and with littles – oh, my! I pray God’s healing grace over your back. That you will receive His goodness by faith and understand that He desires to heal all of your pain. I pray rest over you and speedy tissue reconstruction. In Jesus name – Amen – FEAR NOT/ 365

  3. Peace – God’s Peace…praying you have that; and you are healing quickly from your bad back…that IS NO FUN for sure! And with little ones to take care of! I don’t have little ones any longer; at least not full time; but hate it when I am not feeling well or aching or whatever and can’t cuddle with the grandkids. Take care, rest, whatever it takes…

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