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IMG_4499When I was in high school my mom, dad, sister and I took a day trip to Morro Bay just to have fun. We happened to come upon a huge Wine and Food festival. There were a lot of different vendors selling different items as we walked around. I think I only bought one thing that day; it was a hair clip. I still have and use it today.

I was so excited to find something other than a butterfly clip to put my hair up. Often when I used a butterfly clip my long hair would quickly fall out of place and I would have to redo my hair continual through out the day. The other option I had was a ponytail. Ponytails are good for long runs, but at not the cutest way to wear your hair up.

I loved using my new hair clip, but did not know where I could find another clip like the one I had found until shortly after I started blogging. I saw a blogger write about Lilla Rose hair accessories and it looked just like my hair clip. I also learned they had other hair accessories and different size of flexi clips.


A Lilla Rose consultant (Mary) and I connected and I was given a new Lilla Rose flexi clip to review so I could share my story with all of you. I got a small Lilla Rose clip and like using it to replace my ponytail holder. It makes for a cuter ponytail and works great for running errands, still sticking with a ponytail holder for long runs. I have also tried it out with parting my hair so half of it is up and the rest is down. I think this is my favorite way to use the clip. It is so much cuter than just wearing my hair half up with a ponytail band and I have gotten a few compliments of how cute my hair clip looks. The original clip I bought is a medium. I like it because I can use it to twist all my hair up for a cute up do. I also have used it in the past for half up/half down. I have had my first Lilla Rose clip for over 10 years and it still works like the day I first bought it.

Are you interested in learning more about Lilla Rose? I hope you are because I am happy to say I am doing a giveaway! The only thing you have to do to enter to win a free Lilla Rose item of your choice of $16 or less is by checking out Mary’s Lilla Rose site and comment below with which clip you would like to win.* As you are perusing Mary’s Lilla Rose site today, don’t forget to check out the amazing deals from today’s flash sale.

You can also check out Mary’s Facebook page to keep updated on new deals or offers from Lilla Rose.

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* I was given a free flexi clip for my review of this product. I do not have any affiliate agreement with Mary Seale and will not profit from purchases from her site. The contest is open to new Lilla Rose customers only.

18 comments on “Lilla Rose Give Away

  1. Wow – those are gorgeous! I have heard of Lilla Rose but hadn’t actually gone to a website before! I have a lot of hair and it is usually in a ponytail… but when it’s not – it is half up and half down! These are all gorgeous! I think I would pick the Soaring Butterfly… or maybe the Owl!

    • The pictures show the small one. I have a lot of hair, but it is really fine, you should pick something bigger than a small. Good luck!

  2. These would be so cute for Elise! And she would love them. The fairies and dophin small clip are awesome. I have never seen or heard of this product before, very neat!

    • With curly hair that is probably more of a challenge than with my straight hair. If you win you will have to let me know.

  3. So cute! I’ve never heard of them before. These would be awesome for hard mom days when doing your hair is almost impossible. I love the aurora bourealis clip.

  4. This is the first time I’ve seen these clips: gorgeous. It is so hard to choose one. But the one I kept going back to was this one: Turquoise Tranquility

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