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When I think of grief I think of a friend who was gone from this world so quickly. He was a marathon runner, mountain climber, world traveler, photographer, adventure seeker and friend. I had only known him for a few short months before he was gone. And really only a week of that time was spent together, but my husband had been corresponding with him since our trip. And for someone who does not make a lot friends it was a special bond beginning to form between them.

Mainly they talked about photography and my husband made a video with the footage taken from our Norway adventure. After sending the video to him. He sent a hand written thank you note. Expressing his thanks for the video and how much he enjoyed it. He had only had the video for a few short weeks before his death and his note arrived days before he was gone.

Taken in an accident while flying his F-16.

He left behind his wife and soon to be born daughter. I remember hearing that his plane went down and I went in told my husband and broke down. His wife kept her faith that they would find him alive and when they did not I am not sure how she survived. I was hopeful they would find him when the weather finally cleared, which they did, but he was no longer with us.

Her grief and hurt sometimes pops up in my Facebook newsfeed. And although when I heard the news I was saddened for her loss and the worlds loss of this great man, but my grief was nothing compared to hers.

Months go by and I continue on, but for her there is a void, someone who should be there who is missing. Someone who she shared life’s adventures with and now he is gone.

Whenever I think of him. I hug my little one a little more tightly. I tell my husband I love you one more time. Life is precious and can be taken so quickly. Live life to the fullest. Live like Luc. Because it can all be gone so fast.

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If you would like to learn more about Luc you can visit the Live like Luc Facebook page or check out the Legacy Site and memorial fund.

I am linking up with Tuesday at 10 on Finding the Grace Within.

Join Karen and write on Tuesdays! Check out the prompt each week.

Join Karen and write on Tuesdays! Check out the prompt each week.


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