Life’s Journey

The word for this week’s Tuesday at 10 is Journey.

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Life is a journey. Who knows where this life is going to take us? I can still remember being in high school with no drive or true ambition in life. I wanted to go to college (because that is what had been drilled into my head since I was young), graduate, get married have children and stay at home. Those are not bad life goals, but when you are 17 and do not understand enough about life I can still see how lost and confused I was.

My first year of college I grew so much. I made new friends, had different life experience, held my first real job, Target. Okay maybe it was my second, but my first was when I worked at Krispy Kreme the summer I turned 16, but it was only for 6 weeks and it was crazy hours, like 48 and was somewhat of an adventure. Anyway, I think my favorite memory from my first year in college was when a few of my friends went out on a cold foggy night to a huge house being built on the edge of town to play hide and seek. We were young, stupid and just having fun.

By the end of my freshman year of college, I was single and had started to chart a new choice for my life. I was ready to join the Reserve Officer Training Program the next year and become a future Air Force leader. This one choice changed my life for so many reasons a new major, a career, how I was introduced to my husband and overall growing, changing, molding and shaping me into who I am today.

I remember watching my life change before my eyes and saying that I was glad God was in control and not me because His plan was way better than my own. And for all the experience life gave me, I do not think that young 17-year-old Amanda was too far off. For now I am a college graduate, married and staying home with my son. It is not anything like what I expected and I am sure there are more bumps and twist ahead, but I am thankful for my life journey and am looking forward to each new day ahead.

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Tues at ten

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To read KarenBeth’s words or the exercises completed by other writers on Tuesdays, check out her site, Finding the Grace Within and check out the links to other blogs.  It’s an encouraging and inspiring community!

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