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3 Gifts for Christmas: Want, Need and Special

When it comes to gift giving sometimes I think more is less. My parents had a tradition I am passing down to my son. We do 3 gifts. Something we want, something we need and something special.

Something we want. This was a gift that varied with the changing of age. From Barbie’s to clothes to house hold items.

Something we need. This was often clothes when were young and we grew older it was often some practical thing. The year I graduated from college I received a nativity set. Another year I received a box to store my collection of ornaments and a calendar. This category can bend into a number of different ideas.

The third category, something special was always my favorite. It is hard to remember all the wants and needs through out the years, but I can probably tell you almost every special gift we received. Why? Because they were always special and most often were a family vacation.
One year my parents picked us up from school and let us open one gift early. It was tickets to Disneyland. I still remember my surprise and excitement. Other places we traveled to included the San Diego Zoo, San Francisco, Sea World, Jelly Belly Factory, just to name a few.
One year my parents did a fun scavenger hunt to find our final present. We ended up with water and slide. I remember my dad’s excitement as we tried to figure it out. It was obviously water slide, but my head could not wrap my mind around something so amazing. Season tickets to the water park. Probably one of the coolest gifts and I loved the scavenger hunt that went with it.

This is how my family did gifts growing up. Do you have any family traditions related to gift giving?

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    • I never thought about how it was tied to the three wisemen. I guess it stuck with me since I wanted to pass it on to my children. 🙂

  1. This is a great idea, and something I may have to do when I’m out on my own, especially if I should ever have children. Another category that I think I would add to that is the “something to read” category. I think there should always be a book underneath the tree.

    Anastasia Rose

    • I agree, what a great addition. thanks for the idea. I love books so sometimes books would end up in my want category.

  2. I love the three gift plan; however, I wasn’t aware of it when my kids were young and unfortunately the parents of my grandchildren believe in indulging – something I am so against. You are raising your children with great wisdom!

    • Thanks Susan. I’m hoping to keep the focus on Christ and not on gifts. We have so much and don’t need more. I want to give gifts, but have an easy way to help me from going crazy. It so easy in stores to keep buying things.
      We actually are not planning on getting our son anything this year. He has so much and doesn’t need anything and we know family and friends will give him more than he needs. He is only 1, next year he will probably understand more. 🙂

  3. I also love the 3 gift idea! Thanks for sharing…and like Anastasia Rose’s addition of books…I usually try to give books and art/craft supplies to my grandkids…when they are old enough to enjoy or do them!

    • My best friend likes when people give her daughter art crafts for presents. She is always in need or markers or crayons so it is a great gift. So far all my son does with those items is eat them. He is growing up quick, great ideas for next year.

  4. I love this idea especially the something special, my husband and I have been discussing doing special trips for the boys instead of toys they will break and outgrow and NEVER remember!

    • I like the something special because it can be something small like going to the zoo for the day or something big like a vacation. It is a fun category that you can think outside the box to enjoy.

  5. We started the 4 gift thing last year. Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. It was absolutely lovely. Like you, I’d like to keep the focus on Christ and what we are actually celebrating. We also have SO much already. Would like us all to be thankful for what we do have and not focus so much on want, want, want. LOVE how your parents surprised you guys with trips. The gift of special memories!

  6. They were great memories. I hope we can bring special memories to our son in the future. I always remember Christmas being magical and I hope it will continue to be.

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