Truth About Becoming a Mom

Tuesday at 10: This week the word is Truth. It got me thinking about becoming a mom and the truth of what being a mom really means. Here is my reflection. I hope you enjoy it.

The truth about becoming a mom. Tuesday at 10: Truth

Here it is. Before my son arrived I was a successful person. I was an engineer and an officer in the military. I had survived and thrived on a deployment to Afghanistan. I was happily married and we had everything in order. The next step was to have children. I figured, like most things in life, it would be easy. It would not require dramatic changes to our life and things would just keep moving forward. I was ready, I was prepared, or so I thought.

Then he arrived and at first everything seemed to be going right along as planned. After a few days of struggling to get my son to latch and a few weeks with limited sleep. My son started sleeping, I was healed from my long labor and things were going well.

Then it was time for my husband to leave for eight weeks. No worries, I have got this. Um…maybe not. I had so many issues those eight weeks. Loneliness, loss of sleep, frustration and just feeling alone on a sinking ship. It was hard, I mean really hard. I just wanted someone, maybe that baby who I was caring for 24/7 to say, “hey you are doing a good job.” Surprisingly enough a 3 month old does not do that. He would just cry and sleep and cry some more. Somehow we made it through.

And even though people sometimes have stated I am doing a good job, I am so quick to brush them off and point out the flaws I see. My most rewarding “Good Jobs” come from my 17-month-old son who runs straight into my arms and throws his arms around my neck. It is pretty magical and is probably one of the reasons people gush about how wonderful being a mom is. And although it is getting easier and way more fun, it is still is hard.

Once I seem to get a handle on my son’s routine he throws me a curve ball or sometimes it is just a slider, but it throws everything off. It could be because he is sick, teething or just plain growing too much. Either way, I am not ready for it and I am always on my toes.

I am not trying to say I do not love being at home. I am just trying to point out the fact that being a mom is a lot harder than I expected. Being a stay at home mom is the best choice for our family, but even then some days I end up on Linked In filling in the holes of my resume and dream of finding a fulfilling job outside the home.

In closing, the truth is being a mom is hard. Working or stay at home, it is not an easy job and many people do not realize how important they are until they become one. All the hard work and love went virtually unnoticed by me until the day everything changed and I joined the ranks of motherhood and the new title of Mom!

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14 comments on “Truth About Becoming a Mom

  1. I am blown away by the mothers I see every single day at the Children’s Hospital where I work. Whether the baby has special needs or is in perfect health, motherhood is not for the faint of heart! Put post-partum depression in there, as well… You mom’s are incredible in my book!

  2. Being a Mom IS hard… and I think that we have a tendency to think that ‘our’ job is harder – whether we are a SAHM, or a Working (Outside the Home) Mom! BOTH are hard and both deserve respect and grace! It truly is one of the most important Titles we will ever have!

    • I agree both are hard in different ways. I worked for the first few months and part of the time my husband was gone. In a way it was nice to get a break, but it was still hard to leave him and go to work.

    • Isn’t it though. I love when random people, people you don’t even know tell you. A lady once told me in the airport I was a great mom and it made my day.

  3. That is certainly truth!! Motherhood has been so much more difficult than I anticipated. 3 years in and the joys are now outweighing the difficulties on many days. There are moments that make your heart want to explode with love! It is so important for us mums to encourage one another and for us to work on acknowledging the good things that we do as parents. It is far to easy to focus on the negatives. You are doing a good job!!

    • Thanks Jodi, I agree the positives do outweigh the negative. It is just not what I expected. I guess it is like most things in life, you actually have to live through it to truly understand what it means to be a mom.

  4. I’m just going to repeat what everyone said: Being a mom is SO hard! I became a working mother after my oldest turned 5. And though I thought being an at home mom was hard, being a working mom was harder for me in that I missed things in their lives and mostly I missed them. Either way it’s the most important and daunting job in the world. After all we are raising the world’s future!

    • Isn’t it funny that when we are with our kids we want a break from them and then when we are away we can’t wait to get home and see them. I remember the days I worked I just wanted to come home so I could be with my son. I needed a break, but didn’t want to miss any time with him. Now he is no longer an infant and luckily he still cuddles with me. I know they grow up way too fast.

      • Oh yes. I remember!
        And now, even grown, when they are gone for awhile I miss them! I’m ready for them to move out and have their own lives (they’re 27 & 28) but I will surely miss them!

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