Changing Season: Finding time to be still n a new place. FMFriday: Still

It is Friday so it time to kick up your heels and get typing. At least I have to do it for my readers.
This week the word is Still and after celebrating my birthday and having fun with my parents it was time to write. With all the talk of cold weather in most of the country it made me miss Ohio and the changing season.

Winter is on the horizon and for the past four years it has meant looking forward to the occasional snow day and spending a lot more time at home, but now we live in California and it doesn’t ever really get cold.

I’m wondering if my slow down is on the horizon, if I will have time to sit still this winter. Life is so busy being in Los Angeles. It has its high points of there being a lot of adventures to take part in and rarely being bored, but I’m starting to wonder if the lonely hours being cooped up in the house are actually something good. Something to be missed.

After being away from California for so long it is weird to be back here. In a place that thinks it knows what winter is, but truly has no real understanding of snow, ice or cold.

I’m sure as my body temperature adjusts to this new climate I will find myself being cold and staying indoor more. So maybe I will find my stillness in my new home. The change in seasons still makes me miss my old home, my old friends and a place that had become our home.

Ohio is in our rear view window and we are on to a new place and a new adventure. I hope we find time to sit still and relax in this big city we now live in that is quickly becoming our new home.

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5 comments on “Still

  1. Change of seasons is good. The weather in western California is the best but I still miss the snow days (Oregon) and even a good rainy day. Being young and adventureous you’ll probably have to set aside a few quiet, “winter days”
    just for your self, especially in the L.A. area. Have a great day.

  2. With an almost 1.5 year old there isn’t really a way to set aside a day just for me. 🙂 But I do think we will have to force ourselves to stay home for some “snow days” to rest and relax during this busy season.

  3. I thought about our conversation the other day when I dressed Christian for chilly weather- shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and slip on shoes. California is definitely an interesting place when it comes to this.

    • It is very different. I like it though. Even though the slow down is nice and the snow is pretty. It is sometime easy to get depressed when going outside isn’t possible. 🙂 Loving the CA sunshine.

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