Motherhood: It is my turn

I almost skipped this week, but kept having a nudge to write. ย Here is my five minute Friday contribution. Enjoy.

This week’s word is TURN

Turn FMFriday


As a new mom struggling to find my identity and staying at home with my son, it has been a transition. I thought I knew what kind of mom I would be like, but now I see my ideas of motherhood and the reality of motherhood are not quite inline as I originally thought.

I believed I was prepared for this challenge. I had been to Afghanistan and lived to tell the tale, but the strange thing about surviving a combat situation and surviving motherhood is there is actually training you can do for one of those situations. Yes, I was a baby sitter and volunteered in the church nursery so of course I knew everything there is to know about what being a parent is, but then the baby comes home with you and never leaves. And even when you are not with said baby your mind is still thinking about him.

I remember the first time I left him at home with my husband to run some errands. I was so sure he needed me and just couldnโ€™t survive the hour or so I was gone. I raced from store to store getting my errands done and when I got home. My son was fast asleep in the bouncy seat and my husband thought I had ran to get home so quick. Maybe I did. Just a little.

So now, almost a year a half later I feel like my blog is my story. It is my turn to encourage new moms. It is my turn to share the good, along with the bad. Sharing has given me such peace and I am so thankful for this outlet.

What has God asked you to do with your life? Is it your turn to step out and do something unexpected?


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13 comments on “Motherhood: It is my turn

  1. Hi there! I’m one of your Five Minute Friday “neighbors” this week. I’m glad I stopped by your blog. What an interesting story you have! I love how you said in your “About Me” page that you traded in your combat boots for a diaper bag. Both the boots and the bag show me that you’ve made huge and important commitments in your life. I really enjoyed your post. It’s great for us all to be vulnerable and to share about our triumphs, joys, and failures in motherhood. Happy blogging! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thanks for poking around. I’m so glad I was able to have the opportunity to serve this country and now my new job requires challenges, but is also a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Visiting from FMF. Welcome to parenting. My wife and I did our time — learning on the fly not once but five times. My best advice … enjoy the kids, they grow too fast. Glad you decided to contribute this week.

    • It does go fast. I can’t believe he is already almost 18 months old. And this is only the beginning I’m sure it will go even faster as he gets older. Someone told me “the days are long, but the years are short” I’m learning how true that quote is.

    • Thanks, I really enjoyed your post too, it got me thinking and I’m so thankful for our blogging friendship. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great post! An excellent reminder that as our kids get older, it is our turn to encourage those that come after us with their little ones.

  4. I love you comment about babysitting and watching kids in the nursery and know ‘all there is to know about parenting’! I can relate to that attitude! I can also relate to the reality of adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom and just how difficult it can be. But it’s so worth it! I’m glad you’re able to stay home with your beautiful son.

    • I’m glad too. I just didn’t realize it would be so hard. I thought it would be an easy job and I would want to go back to work because I was bored. That isn’t the reason I have thought about going back. Boring is so not how I would classify being a stay at home mom!

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