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Seek – Tuesday at 10

I normally see a prompt word and something to share comes to my mind right away, but I have been spending all morning mulling over the word seek trying to find words to say to go along with it.

I try to think of something I am seeking or something I have looked for in the past, but my mind just is empty. To be totally honest, I am relieved and sad the 31 days of writing is over. It was such an undertaking to blog everyday for a month and all the ideas and excitement that went along with blogging have suddenly died down. I am not sure what changed. I should be excited about what comes next, but instead I keep focusing on the lack of growth in followership and wonder if it is all worth it.

I enjoy sharing my thought and I want to encourage women, I just have to keep reminding myself it takes time.

So then out of nowhere as I write I realize I must be seeking something out of this blog or what would the point of writing be. I know I want to share my story of being a combat veteran because I think it is important for people to hear the day in truths of what it is like to be in the military and stationed overseas. I want to let Moms know how amazing they are. Often times people look down on the daily struggles it is to be a stay at home mom or working mom. Each day brings a new challenge. I hope to encourage and inspire.

And then I have to stop and think; am I seeking the possibility of this blog growing so it can financially support my family? Although that would be an awesome addition to my blog, in reality not having deadlines and only having a story to share takes away some of the pressure. I am free to be me and I am free to share whatever is on my mind. I hope in a year’s time I am still inspired to keep on writing and sharing, but if my life takes me to seek a different path then I guess that is where I will go.

For some reason I am feeling a bit discouraged with writing, but I will continue writing and sharing. Thanks to all who stopped by to read.

Are you dealing with a difficult situation and need some encouragement? What are you seeking or looking for? Please share below. I would love to encourage you.

*Linking up with Finding the Grace Within as part of her Tuesday at Ten series.  In KarenBeth’s own words, here is a brief desription of the exercise:

Tues at ten

“Here is how it works:

Every Tuesday at 10am I post a prompt word/Photo, and you will have 1 week to write and link up on your blog, and then link up on the “Tuesday at Ten” site by using the “link up on my blog”.

Make sure you post the “Tuesday at Ten” logo (on the left) at the end of your writing so that others can link up and also join.

Creativity is the key! You can use photos, you can use anything that is unique in your own way to display the prompt word.

The prompt word stays up for 1 WEEK until the new Tuesday at Ten is posted!

The linkup closes Monday night in preparation for the new prompt word. I will choose two writers who had the best creative way of writing or showing of the “prompt word”on their blog, and they will be showcased on Tuesday at Ten blog, and Facebook page for that week.” (KarenBeth on her blog.)

To read KarenBeth’s words or the exercises completed by other writers on Tuesdays, check out her site, Finding the Grace Within and check out the links to other blogs.  It’s an encouraging and inspiring community!

17 comments on “What am I looking for?

  1. Thank you for sharing honestly, your thoughts, your processing.
    I agree with the feeling of having 31 days over…I feel inspired, but directionless- not sure what to write about!
    I want to affirm your voice, your story is needed.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. It so nice to not be alone. I couldn’t wait for 31 days to be over so I could write about something other than my topic of military life. 🙂 So much to tell, but where to start.

  2. Oh gosh, you are not the only one feeling strange now that the 31 Days is over! I have been struggling with my sense of direction – what to do next with my blog, if I want to monetize it, or if I continue doing what I have been and focus more on writing the books I have locked away inside my brain. And I want to encourage others, and be a resource, but I so desire to do it in God’s timing – to blog because Jesus wants to use my words as my ministry.

    There was so much excitement in October on my site and now I feel alone again in my little corner of the internet. It is nice to know I’m not alone with those feelings.

    And I agree with Melanie – your story matters and your words are needed.

    Thank you for sharing where you’re at so openly!

    • Wow, I did not expect for others to connect with this post. I almost didn’t share it. So glad I did. Thanks for stopping by. I loved your bravery with your topic and honest writing. I need to go back and see the days I missed. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I think we all were rocked by what the 31 Write did in us and to our blogs! I know I was, and that’s the feedback from just about everywhere. For me, I write … it’s what I do. The kids are grown, I work from home and writing/photography is my art.

    I love your honesty. You’re always transparent and just hash out those things that most people avoid … like struggling to write and the possibility of other ventures. Thanks for that. I look forward to your future posts.

  4. Thanks Andrea. I enjoy reading your stories they always bring me encouragement. I am still a huge fan of Tuesday at 10 and am so glad you are able to help Karen out to keep it going strong. 🙂

  5. Please keep sharing! What you say is worth it. You are worth it. Don’t get discouraged by the number game!!!
    I enjoyed following your series through the month of October and while I may not always comment, or even read every day, I do have several blogs that I look forward to reading at my leisure… so keep it up!!!

    • Thanks Lauren. I try not to look at the numbers. This post was exactly what I needed to get back to being excited about blogging. Hearing form others that 31 days sort of took the wind out of their sails was so encouraging. Back to the excitement which is blogging and connecting with others.

  6. Keep on writing, Sister! If just one woman is encouraged in her walk, your words were worth it. It takes time to build tribes and audience and connect with the people you most want to reach (especially if you have a niche audience). Try using twitter to connect with other #combatmoms. I know there are others out there and the Internet makes a great tool for discovering them!

    • Thanks for the advice. Will do. I just started twitter after blogging and don’t know how to utilize it as a tool.

  7. I agree with Anita, keep writing if it feels good to you and you touch just one life. Your posts have been interesting, inspiring and helpful. It is good you post your feelings as a new mother both the stresses and doubt and the joy. Those who have had children have been in your shoes even though they may not say or write of them. There will be more trials and so many more joys. One joy will out weigh so many trials and I can see only joy in your pictures. God be with you.

    • Thanks Ginger. I can’t wait to see you in person so we can talk. I feel like you know so much more about me because you are always reading and commenting. You are a great encouragement to me.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad I was able to serve before I had my son. I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been if I had to leave behind a child. Leaving my husband was hard enough.

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