Gifts for an Active Family

Gifts for an Active Family: Christmas Blessings Giveaway

I’m so lucky to be part of the Christmas Blessing Giveaway.  We are giving away two prizes. $500 through Paypal and a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

My husband and I live a very active life style. Before our son’s arrival it was mountain biking as many weekends as possible and working out in the basement each night. We have had to make some adjustments as our family has grown from two to three. I decided to do a post focused on the best products we have used to help maintain our active lifestyle. All of these items would make great gifts for any active family you know, this Christmas season.

Baby Carrier: As a new mom, I registered for an Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier after reading a few reviews. I thought the idea of wearing my baby was a good one so I was excited when we received it as a gift. I did not realize how great this gift would be for us. We used it when he was small for everyday activities, like grocery shopping and sitting through church, but it is also great for hiking and walks around the neighborhood. You can use it on the front and back. And with the new ERGObaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier you can safely wear your baby facing out. Some other great brands are: Baby K’tan, Beco Gemini, Boba Carrier just to name a few.

Bike Trailer: In Ohio there are miles of bike trails. And although mountain biking with an infant wasn’t possible we were able to go on a number of bike rides with Luke following along in his stroller. He loved to ride and occasionally would fall asleep. We invested in a Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer, but there are a number of brands and styles available. In hindsight I might have chosen a bike trailer that had the option of changing to a stroller, but since we only have one baby and don’t need a double stroller yet it seemed like the best choice for us.

Schwinn Kid’s Balance Bike: The best bike to start your toddler on is not a bike that has training wheels. A balance bike helps them learn at a young age how to balance and they can start using it around the age of 18 month. Another great thing about this bike is that it does not require the coordination of using pedals; your child just slides their feet. This will be our son’s Christmas present this year.

Baby Backpack: Although we used the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier for hiking as Luke continues to grow and becomes heavier it is easier to carry him for hike in the backpack. The other advantage the backpack has over a traditional baby carrier is the baby is perched higher and is able to see more.

Backnobber: A deep muscle, massage device that helps provide a way for people to manage simple muscular pain and tension. Made of a highly durable, polymer/fiberglass composite, molded in the shape of an “S,” The Backnobber II device can be hooked over the shoulder or under the arm so that one of the two ends can be pressed into any of the muscles of the neck or shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings.

Natural Vitality Natural Calm: It is the solution to both restoring a healthy magnesium level and balancing your calcium intake-the result of which is natural stress relief.

REI Gift Card: Any out door enthusiast would love a gift card to REI. They have everything from bikes to camping gear to kayaks and outdoor clothing.

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  1. Winning would bless my family because my mom and brother are moving in with us and we could use the extra money for Christmas.

  2. This will bless our family because money is tight right now but we want to get some gifts for our family and this would help out so much!

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