Finding God’s Peace

Finding God's Peace: A mother's love with the help of God make all situations possible.

I’m grateful or at least I should be. Some days I find it so hard to be grateful for my current situation. I stay at home with my son and I am truly grateful I have the opportunity to do so, but some days I wish I could be the one out on the “adventure.”

My husband is traveling this week and being home with a 1 year old is fun, exhausting and irritating all at the same time. As my son struggled to find sleep tonight I prayed, more like pleaded with God to give me the strength to not lose my temper. Sadly, this has happened in the past. “I kept repeating, I need your strength and your love. Help me.” At the same time in my mind I was arguing with myself, so what if he did not go to sleep right away all I had planned for the night was to write. But the other half screamed at me! I need a break!

As these two sides fought in my mind I clung to God and his strength as I rocked and walked with a half-awake child. Somewhere in the minutes of my walking he fell right asleep and as I put him in his crib I hoped, he would stay asleep. And for some reason he did. Maybe God’s peace was given to me as I prayed and it transferred over to his little body as well. The restless feet stopped twitching, the eyes half cracked, but wide awake slowly closed and sleep finally came.

Today was a victory, but I did not do it on my own. Praying for more victories as I continue to grow in Him.

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22 comments on “Finding God’s Peace

  1. First let me say Thank you for your service to this Country and my family. <3
    Second, I remember those nights with my second boy (now 27) I would just rock and cry and pray his older brother wouldn't join the party! I was alone for much different reasons, but alone with a crying and exhausted baby when mom is just as exhausted is so very hard to deal with. I didn't know how to pray correctly at the time, but I prayed those begging prayers an exhausted mom prays. And we made it to adulthood. Unfortunately this boy of mine is still one I sit up for at night … he's an recovering addict, and that results in much the same exhaustion and fatigue. I've been doing this thing for a VERY long time and can tell you those prayers for blanketed rest and peace are always honored by God.
    Once again (broken record time) your honest heart intrigues my real life writer's heart. Keep writing my friend, your reaching those who need to know they are not alone in their circumstance.
    Blessings to you and your boy; for a peaceful and restful night tonight.

    • You know that I normally just write what is on my heart and then post. This was the first time I felt really vulnerable and when I was done almost deleted it or at least thought about not sharing. This is very close to my heart. I’m glad it touched yours as well. The peace God has given me over the last few days is amazing. God is good and I love how much he loves us and chooses to bless us.
      Thanks for your love and encouragement. I will keep writing and sharing.

  2. God Bless you and your family. I remember those night so well. I struggled so with my first child, by the time the fourth one was keeping me up I began to cherish my child/God ordained prayer time.

    • I am trying to live in every moment, I know (even though I know I really don’t know) looking back it will go by to quickly.

  3. Keep seeking peace, mama. It definitely affects your little one. Whether this particular night it transferred to him, who knows. But over the course of his childhood? A mother who prays and finds her peace in Christ will be a gift he won’t even realize he’s receiving. Hang in, sweet mama, and exhale. You are doing a great job.

  4. Although we don’t have children, I can def relate to wanting to be the one out on the ‘adventure’! It can be hard some days to be thankful for the current season 🙂 Thanks for sharing your real-life 🙂

    • Very true, each season is a blessing and sometimes it is hard to realize how blessed we are as we struggle through it.

  5. Parenting little ones alone is so difficult. I’m glad you’ve found the best parent resource ever–our heavenly Father! May he continue to gently lead you as you care for your precious little one!

    • It is amazing how much you learn about God and his son when you become a parent. This has been the greatest and hardest adventure I have faced and I am learning to lean into him.

  6. Great posts, Great advise and you are a great mother. We’ve all had simular feelings. Oft times I go to the song “One day at a Time” sweet Jesus…. There were times I changed the words a bit to one hour or one minute.
    Love the picture.

    • I need to start singing to Luke again. It is a habit I got out of doing. I’m sure he would love to hear me praising God with music. 🙂

  7. Thank you for your service to our country. Everyone with young children have been in your shoes. I once just had to walk away from my son and left him crying in his crib. I had tried everything and nothing could soothe him. It was walk away for a few moments to collect myself, then back to caring for him. We all need those moments.

    • Seriously did that today when he refused to take a nap. Set him in the crib, walked into the other room counted to 10 and came back. It sure helped me out. Thanks for relating.

  8. I SOooooooo can relate to this! I am that same position, one son and stay-at-home and long for the adventure of going out to work some days. Getting that child to bed so I can say ‘Hello to my time’ is so pressuring to make it happen and happen 10 min ago!
    If anything, I wonder if children show us our desperate need for a savior which draws us into relating with/to God. The ultimate relationship that helps cultivate secondary relationships. I like your heart! Thanks for the reminder 😉

    • I think you are right. God does use children to show us our desperate need for a savior which draws us into Him. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

  9. I so remember those days even though they seem so long ago now. Even though I total get your feelings of wanting time for myself, right now at this moment I long to be back there with my son in my arms, just rocking him and softly singing him to sleep. I am not trying to diminish your very real feelings nor do I want to be “one of those” moms who advises you to enjoy it while you can because it goes by so fast but I will say it anyway… lean in and enjoy. every. single. moment. It is precious… all of it.

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