30 Thoughts on being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to write a quick post on what I am thankful for. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with life and forget the many blessings I have. I would try to post daily with something I am thankful for, but the lazy person in me just wants to do 30 things right now in this post.

  1. My Husband: he keeps me grounded and loves me no matter what. I am so incredibly blessed to have him in my life.
  2. My Son: the hardest challenge I never expected, each day is an adventure and I love it.
  3. My Parents: They are always there to support me in everything I do.
  4. My Sister: A friend I can always talk to.
  5. My In-laws: They raised an amazing man, who I call my husband.
  6. My faith: I was protected growing up in a Christian family with great values and morals, it is often something I reflect back on.
  7. My church: We were fortunate to find a church home pretty quickly in LA. A friend recommended it, we liked it, tried to go somewhere else just to see and somehow still ended up at Journey.
  8. God: We can trust in him always.
  9. My Husband’s Job: He has a great job as a Captain in the United States Air Force and although sometimes it takes him far away for a few days or weeks, it provides a solid source of income for our family so I can stay home.
  10. Being a Stay at Home Mom: It is a lot harder than I expected, but it is also starting to be more fun than I could have imagined. I love the choice I made to stay home with my son.
  11. My education: My back up plan, if we ever are in a jam I have degree in Civil Engineer and a Professional Engineering license to go along with it.
  12. My Son’s health: In the early months of this year we had a few hospital stays and a few extra emergency visits. I’m thankful we have his breathing problems under control
  13. My Friends: I have met so many amazing people in my time in this Air Force life, I am so thankful for everyone; you each have a special place in my heart.
  14. My extended family: Even though, I do not get to see them very often they always welcome me in with open arms. I’m happy to be back in California with more opportunities to see everyone
  15. My health: I currently do not have any aliments and am able to live an active and fun lifestyle.
  16. My knack for adventure: my willingness to try and do different things has given me opportunities to travel to new places and do new things (like mountain biking)
  17. Disneyland passes: We are incredibly blessed to be able to afford such an amazing treat, a place where magic is hidden around every corner and fun is just waiting for you.
  18. Our home: We looked at one house when we moved to LA, it was only on the market for a few days and there were 10 other applications, but they picked us and I love our neighborhood and the home we live in.
  19. Our cars: They get us where we need to be, having a car in a city like a LA makes life so much easier.
  20. Pinterest: For giving me inspiration to try new recipes every now and then and maybe taking up a little bit more free time than I should allow.
  21. My blog: For giving me a place to share my story, from being an Airman to being a Mom and other stuff in between.
  22. Books: They can take us to another place and help us explore and connect with others
  23. Movies: A favorite pastime for my husband and I to do together, it happened more often before Luke, but is still something we look forward to whenever we get the chance.
  24. The weather: After living in Ohio and adapting to the cold, it is fun to live in a place where cold weather is really just a feeling and a fashion statement, not a necessity for keeping warm.
  25. The military: The many lessons I have learned about myself and others through the many different situations the military has put me in.
  26. My freedom: For those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so I can have the freedoms and liberty Americans are blessed with
  27. Facebook: It helps me keep connected to my family and friends; though there are miles in between us they are always just a mouse click away.
  28. My past: I am so grateful for the life I have been able to live, so many amazing experiences, so many blessings.
  29. My future: I am looking forward to the next year and the years to come. So many amazing memories made and still more to come.

Here is my list. What are one or thirty things you are thankful for?

10 comments on “30 Thoughts on being Thankful

  1. I love this list! It’s full of the really, really important things that money can’t buy (like people) as well as the practical things we enjoy (like cars) and then some joys, too (like the Disneyland passes). I have been posting my thankful lists on my blog all week, but most of them have been salvation, eternal life, and hope in Jesus Christ. Family, friends, church, and the blogging community, The basics like food, clothing, and shelter. Tomorrow I will post about 27 gifts we receive as a result of being Christians. Thanks for the post. I love sharing my blessings and reading the blessings of others.

    • I have to check out your list. I’m visiting my parents this week and am hoping to get free moments like this one to read other blogs and maybe even get a little ahead on my own.

  2. Hey Amanda, love your list, I miss my Disneyland pass, but love seeing your pictures on Facebook and living vicariously through you, maybe one of these days we can meet in real life and hang out at Downtown Disney…lol Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Yes, we definitely need to get together. Hopefully shortly after the new year we can plan a meet up. Life is so busy, being close to family is a blessing and sometimes overwhelming, like yesterday when driving to Fresno required a lot of patiently waiting through traffic, looking for time to slow down.

    • I could have. I thought it would be hard to come up with 30 things, but it was so easy. We are so blessed and have so many things to be thankful for.

  3. Happy thanksgiving friend! I love this list. You’re blessed and I can’t wait to see what God does with and through you guys over the next year!

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