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This word was originally focused on what I did when I was in the Air Force as a Civil Engineer. I started to reread it and it was so techy and geeky that even I wasn’t interested. I love nerdy things and know math jokes like why did i say to pi to be rational so if I thought it was boring I’m pretty sure most of you wouldn’t be interested. I hope this post is more to your liking even if it kind of strayed more toward motherhood than military life. Enjoy!

Work – Day 13

When I think of the word “work” I think about the work I did when I was in the military. When I was in the military I was a Civil Engineer and loved my job. I worked on construction projects, energy (electrical) saving and environmental stuff. I loved going out to the different project sites and seeing something being created or recreated into something new. I loved crunching the numbers to figure out what the best way to set up a project. I loved everything about my job. And some days I really miss it.
When I was in the military and people found out they would often ask me about my rank and what I did. I would tell them that I was a Captain in the Air Force and they would be impressed and then I would mention I had my Civil Engineering degree and my Professional Engineering license and they would often say “Wow.” It made me feel special and accomplished to get that kind of response. Then I decided to start our family and all of those accolades disappeared.

A season for everything: Changing from being an Airman to Stay at Home mom #write31days

People find out I stay at home with my son and the conversation stops. No one asks anything else. No one wants to know about who I once was or plan on being when this season ends. They just stop. I don’t really know why, but it is interesting to me.

A season for everything: Changing from being an airman to staying at home. #write31days

I thought this season of my life would be easy and I would have so much time to do all these things I had set to do, but really now I realize I had so much more time when I had a full time job. My job ended and I would go home and no one (well except my husband occasionally) would need me. I would get a complete break and then start back up again refreshed the next day.

I thought that what I did was impressive before I came a Mom, but now I know what work truly is and it never stops once that baby is placed in your arms. I will keep working and striving to be the best I can be. I miss my old life, but know the work I’m doing right now is just as important as the work I once did.

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