Trick or Treat in Disneyland (Halloween)

Almost two weeks ago we were able to attend Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland. On select dates in September and October the park closes early for select guest for a Halloween party. A limited number of tickets are sold for each night. Limited number of tickets doesn’t mean the park is empty, but since people are waiting in line for candy, pictures with special characters and rides, most of the lines are pretty short.

We had a lot of fun going around the park dressed up as Cinderella, Prince Charming and Gus Gus.  We tried to take a lot of pictures all over the park and with my dress going on rides was sort of out of the question so we choose to go from treat trail to treat trail.


Overall we had a lot of fun.  We do not plan on taking part in the fun every year, but it was a fun event for our family to participate in.

Here are my top 5 Tips for when you participate in Mickey’s Halloween Party

  1. Dress up: This is an event that you are allowed to dress up in costume. Adults are often prohibited from dressing up. Disneyland still has rules to follow. You can check them out here.
  2. Get there early. Your ticket gets you into the park at 3 PM. Make sure to make the most of you time by showing up early. It normally takes about an hour to get from your car in the parking structure to the front gate. Plan accordingly.
  3. Bring a bag for candy. Disneyland Cast Members are happy to give out lots of candy. Bringing your own bag allows you to have plenty of room for all your treats.
  4. Don’t miss the parade and fireworks. These are special events just for Mickey’s Halloween Party. And one of the highlights of the event. Make sure to get a spot for the parade and fireworks.
  5. Get in line for pictures with special characters. Another cool opportunity at Mickey’s Halloween Party is getting to take pictures with special characters. Minnie and Mickey dressed up in Halloween gear, Jack and Sally and more.

Happy Halloween!!

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