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We were lucky enough to go to Sedona with my friend’s family a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I was thinking free place to stay, people we like to hang out with this trip should be great, but it was far better than I expected.

Sedona is a place not like many others. All the beauty in such a small area blew me away. Everywhere you looked there was a different mountain, valley or something to amaze you. I think this place would be the perfect vacation for anyone. If you are active there are hundreds of trails for hiking and mountain biking. If you are not active there are plenty of different trails that can be ridden in a jeep off-road and all over the city. We were in Sedona for 2.5 days and I wish we had changed our plans and stayed longer there were so many other trails left uncovered I cannot wait to go back.

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The first day in Sedona we went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The Chapel’s construction was completed in 1956. It is considered one of the 7 wonders of Arizona. It was a fun place to visit. We decided to hike from the trail at the Chapel parking lot on Little Horse Trail. It was a moderate trail with a few ups and downs and lots of rocks and cactus. We hiked about three quarters of a mile and then found a shady (semi cactus free) spot for lunch and let the boys run around. There were spectacular views everywhere you looked from this hike and the farther we went the more there was to see. It was a great hike. This trail is also open to mountain bikers. I’m not really sure how they ride it, but we saw two men biking it.

We also went to the Ranger Station to pick up our National Park Passes. Some locations for hiking require you have a National Park Pass. Because Military members get a pass for free, we made the drive down to get the pass. While we were at the ranger station the boys found Smoky the Bear and a few pigs to play with. The grown ups decided to watch the boys run around and have some fun while we took in the beauty of Sedona.

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The next day my husband and I rented mountain bikes and tried out Soldier’s Pass. This was a moderate level for mountain biking and after a little bit of removing the cobwebs from my mind on how to ride we found an easy section of the trail and started to have some fun. There are miles of trails and it is beautiful and fun. Just watch out for the cactus.

After this ride we went to Broken Arrow. This is an advanced trail so I decided to sit this one out and hike the trail carrying Luke while my husband rode. It was actually quite fun to hike while he rode. He stopped and waited for me at various spots along the way and it made for a fun adventure. It was a mile long hike. It was a pretty moderate mountain bike trail until you get about three quarters of a mile in. Then it got pretty advanced pretty fast. Along the way we saw a bat cave and more amazing views. When we reached the view from Chicken Point it was breathtaking. It was probably the highlight of the trip for me. My companion passed out on the hike back to the car and I took my time checking out the views.

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On our final day we drove to Courthouse Vista. This is a great spot for beginner mountain biking. There are wide trails that are not as intense as some of the other spots in Sedona. We didn’t have our bikes anymore, but saw a number of mountain bikers. We hiked up to Bell Rock. There is a 4.2 mile hike that goes around both Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock. If we had more time we would have completed this hike. This area is a great place to hike from. There are a number of great trails that stem from this location.

We stopped in William, AZ before we arrived in Sedona to take a train to the Grand Canyon and Cruised on Route 66.

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