Surprised by Motherhood Book Review

Surprised by Motherhood Book Review

Have you ever felt like you were failing at motherhood? Have you ever wondered if you were the only one struggling? Have you read a parenting book and only felt judged and condemned instead of helped and encouraged? If so, this book is for you. This book is for all Moms, new Moms, older Moms and the Moms that fit somewhere in between. I have read this book twice and the first time I pulled out small pieces of comfort, but now with Lisa Jo’s book club the second time through has been an absolute joy.

This isn’t a how to book, it is more like a “me too” book. This book is open and honest. It tells you about the dirty days of motherhood and sometimes I could feel Lisa Jo reaching through the page and holding my hand saying “Me too, yes, me too.” Our life stories are so different, but her encouragement provided me the words I needed to hear and I will keep re–reading this book on my journey through motherhood.

One of my favorite topics she covered was about breaking up with yourself. People always talked about how life changed when you have a baby. I always thought it was a good, utopia, everything is great change. How could their be so much joy surrounding the birth of a new baby if everything wasn’t magical. And now I know that it is magical and life changing, but that does not mean it is easy or that it does not take time to adjust to.  The chapter where she talks about having to break up with your old self really resonated with me.  It is hard to realize how selfish you were and how much time you really had.  I’m so thankful I found this book when I did.  She said it is okay to miss that old life and now a few months later things are different, but still the same.

One of my favorite quotes is “Labor doesn’t end when the baby is born.” This is so true and yet somehow I did not understand what this could even mean until long after my son was born.  Your body has been stretched and broken to bring life into the world and when he finally arrives, you realize that the changes are just beginning. I have learned so much about myself and others in the last 16 months.

I hope you are interested in reading this book. It really is a book of love and encouragement.  Every time I get a chance to read a chapter or maybe just a few pages I get a warm feeling.  You know “Love is like hot chocolate, it warms you from the inside” -Surprised by Motherhood and every time I read I feel the warmth building up inside of me.

I love this book. And because I love this book I’m am giving away a copy for free.

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  1. I’ve been a mother for about 15 years, and sometimes I am still surprised/overwhelmed at each of the new stages (new we’re into teens!!) This looks like a great book & would love to win it 🙂
    Thanks for joining us on this past week of “Inspired By Me Mondays!!”
    So glad you were able to link up; please be sure to come back again next week 🙂
    Monday to Friday; every week!

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