Pumpkins in Afghanistan

We don’t have pumpkins yet, but they are growing like weeds and we have flowers so hopefully soon we will have little baby pumpkins.  It is crazy how much fun taking care of the garden is.

Even though it is hot and going back and forth to get the water is sometime annoying, but it is always a good break from work even if it is only a few minutes.  Speaking of watering, I have to share how we water the plants.  The HVAC units (CHICOs) have an outlet valve that drips water, so we have buckets over the best drippers and collect water that way.  It has been hot, since the start of Ramadan (called Ramazan in Afghanistan), so the plants have needed lots of water.

They are not enjoying the hot days either.  I am just happy that I don’t have to fast.  Eid (the end celebration for Ramadan) is about 20 days away (9 Sept) and we are hoping to celebrate the celebration with our local national engineers.

Well, if you wanted to know there are 71 days until Halloween.  Each day we are a little closer to going home.  Thanks for all the love and support and all the care packages too. They have been awesome morale raisers and I truly enjoy them. And since I share them with the team, they enjoy them too.  People know that the CE office has food and all the snacks that are not hidden in my desk are free for everyone to take.

A few months later I sent pictures of our pumpkins, not from our garden. We ended up only having one small pumpkin not big enough for carving. Here is the post I sent home after carving our pumpkins one of the interpreters got for us off base

.Pumpkin Carving in Afghanistan read more stories at www.airmantomom.com

Look it is our pumpkins!! Mine is orange! Luckily it is dark so you can’t tell that they are green pumpkins.  The Afghan we asked to get the pumpkins didn’t understand what a pumpkin was and our crazy tradition. We still had fun! We used glow sticks to light them up. So awesome!

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  1. I love hearing a woman’s perspective on serving in the armed forces. Thank you for your service. Thank you for speaking out about your story. It’s an important story and one we all need to hear.

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