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Patiently Waiting for my son's arrival #tuesdayat10Patience – Tuesday at Ten

This week the word is patience. I was going to say I’m not a very patient person, but then I thought of a few situations that required patience and I didn’t really mind waiting so maybe I am more patient than I originally thought.

My originally due date changed from the 1st of June to the 23rd of May. Most women would have been overjoyed that the due date was moved forward so much. Instead I was unsure. The dates didn’t match up with the date I had in mind. My originally due date picked by the doctor fit easily into the realm of possibility, where the 23rd of May date meant I conceived Luke in Norway while camping with friends tents lined up ever so close that intimate situations were not really possible.

So as I waited for my “due date” to approach I wasn’t surprised that at 40 weeks my baby still was content to stay inside. The doctors were starting to get worried, thinking he needed to arrive soon, but I was happy to wait patiently as the days passed my “due date” grew and grew. I finally made it to my originally due date and was scheduled to be induced the next week.

I had hoped and prayed that he would come naturally, but he wasn’t ready and when he finally (32 hours of labor) arrived. He was still covered in verimin and was not as far along as the doctors expected.

I wish I would have been more persistent when the doctors changed my due date. I wished I would have known more in the early stages of pregnancy. At the beginning of my pregnancy I had no plans for a natural labor, but by the end that was my wish for my baby.

I’m thankful for the advances in medicine and the doctors who took care of me, but I wish they would have been patient and waited for my son’s arrival on his timing. His birth story would have been written so differently. Now I know more. I’m ready when we decide it is time for number two. But right now, I am patiently enjoying the one son that I have.

Soon it will be time for more. Soon life will change all over again, but I’m not ready yet. And I do not mind waiting until I am.

2 comments on “Patiently waiting

  1. What a beautiful boy … and story.
    Yes. We are truly ready for all the eventualities when the second bundle of joy arrives. And thankfully we are wiser and able to be VERY clear with the doctors about what we desire for our birth days.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

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