Moving on to the next assignment

Moving on to the next assignment is a requirement when you are in the military. There is no debating on if you should go or where you will end up. There is a dream sheet that you fill out when a move is on the horizon, but it is a dream sheet. It is the needs of the Air Force (or whatever branch you are in) that decides where you move next.

31 Days...Military Life: Day 1 Moving on to the next assignment

A dream of where you could go, but where you will go that depends on what the military decides.

You will go where the military needs you no matter if it is on your dream sheet or not. No changing the location or when you will arrive. You find out where you are going and you go. And sometimes when you find out, the plan changes and you end up somewhere else. But those changes are not up to you. They are part of the military’s plan, you do what you must do.

Moving on to the next assignment

My husband and I have lived in four different states so far. New Mexico, Ohio, California, and Virginia. We have been lucky we have been able to get one of our top few picks for each move. Part of the reason we were able to get to each assignment is because of planning and considering the needs of the military.

As my husband progresses in rank the amount of control that he has in deciding our next move increases in some ways and decreases in others. We are always open to a change the military may throw at us. And we know that the needs of the military mean even when there is a plan things can change. Each move will be different. Some moves have not always been easy and some days I wish we could be in a place that I can put my roots deep down into the ground and not have to worry that in three or four years I will be doing all this all over again.

Building community

But each time we find a community and grow in our new community. But you always know that a move is coming and these roots will be temporary and we will have to start again. It truly is not an easy life. But it is amazing how quickly you can make friends sometimes. And we know people living all over the country and it is such an amazing blessing. Even with this hard life.

One thing you learn quickly when you are in the military is you can’t waste time. You have to dive into new experiences right away. If you are invited to an outing when you arrive you will drop everything (including unpacking) to make a connection. The first opportunity for a bible study or play date is something you are looking for.

A way to connect.

A way to feel at home.

A military family has a different dynamic than other families, but we really are all just the same. Full of love and passion and ready to be a friend and part of your community.


Update Feb 2018: Looking back on this post that I wrote shortly after moving here. I can’t even begin to imagine all the amazing connections and friends we have made in LA these past four years. And it is going to be hard to say goodbye and start over again. But if my time spent in LA has taught me anything is that is worth the effort to make friends when you move on to the next assignment. To get invested. It is scary and hard, but it is worth it. And since we are moving on to the next assignment I’ll take this advice and take the leap to invest.

Update December 2020: Moving from California to Virginia was very difficult and COVID-19 has made the isolation and community we had begun to grow change. Military life and moving isn’t easy. But there are so many good memories from our time in the miltiary. I try to focus on that when I find myself facing loneliness.

Moving to the next assignment. Military life isn't easy and moving is a part of military life. #moving #militarylife #military

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Moving on to the next assignment. Part of military life is moving. You don't get to decide where or when, you just do what you are told. #pcs #militarylife #military

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  1. So true! “Home is where the Air Force sends us” right? 🙂 thanks for sharing your blog. Looking forward to reading more. I pinned your blog to my Pinterest too! ~Carmen

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