Looking Back At Military Life

Did you know a year ago this month I went from holding the title of Captain and served my last day in the Air Force? It is easy to look back at military life and reflect on all the things that have happened in this past year.

Looking back at leaving the military. Leaving military life behind is hard. Even when you know leaving the military is the best choice for your family. Here is my reflection years later.

Time has flown by. It is still unreal to me that not only am I not in the Air Force anymore. But the reality is, it has been over a year since I left. I know when I left I did not expect there to be any dramatic emotions. And maybe when I first left there were no emotions. Then a few months later I was dealing with an identity crisis trying to figure out how to fit into my new role as Mom.

I still miss the military

I still miss it. I miss the awe I received from people I didn’t even know. I miss putting on my uniform each day and becoming a part of something more. I miss using my brain to solve problems big and small. I miss so much, but then I look at what I have gained and maybe it is just missing a period in time.

When life was different and I had a lot more freedom. If I think about it, I do get to do a lot of the things I did at work. I use my mind in different ways and it is challenging.

Staying at home has been a blessing

I am enjoying staying at home and as my son starts to grow up before my eyes I’m overall happy with the choice I made to leave and stay home. I would not want to miss all the memories we are making. And even though some days I wish for my past life I know that my new life is full of so many blessings. This phase will be over before I know it. My son will be all grown up too soon.

I will enjoy today and reflect on the past. I feel so blessed to be a Stay at Home Mom.

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