Long Days

Long – Day 17

Training for Afghanistan: Atterbury, #FMFriday

It felt like I was in Afghanistan a long time or at least it felt like a long time. The weird thing was that I spent four months in training and almost nine months deployed, but the longest part of the deployment was the four months of training. It seemed like everyday dragged on culminating toward the final day we would leave and go to Afghanistan.

Luckily, we had breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the time we were stuck at Camp Atterbury was like being stuck in slow motion. We trained on situations to help prepare us for our time in Afghanistan. Some of the training was useful, other training was a waste of time.

Training for Afghanistan: Long Days at Atterbury #FMFriday

And meanwhile this California girl was stuck in one of the craziest winters in Indiana. There was snow on the ground from Christmas to sometime in February and then when the snow melted we were ankle deep in mud. When the snow returned near the end of training, I was so thankful for a frozen ground.

My parents and husband came to see me before I left. My parents met up with distant cousins from Indiana who took them all over Indianapolis, but I bet if you asked my dad what the best part was he might tell you it was making snow angels.

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20 comments on “Long Days

  1. Stopped by from #FMFparty. I can’t even imagine how long the time seemed. I am deeply grateful for you, and the many other men and women who serve our country. Thank you! God bless you!

    • Thanks, one day at a time. My post from Day 15 – Life talked about how I got through it when it was more than I could bear. 🙂

  2. I can only imagine how long time felt. Thank you so much for serving for me. I truly appreciate you & all our service men & women. Your sacrifice is huge. I visited from the 31 Dayers FB thread & am so glad I did. Nice to “meet” you!

    • Yes, I think that was where my post was going originally, but then I ran out of time and kind of got off topic. The joys of FMFriday. You never know where you will end up. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your service, from one California Girl to another! I’m always touched by stories of brave men and women, like you who give so much to serve our nation. God speed.

    P.S. Your little boy is adorable!! Enjoy him.

    God speed. -Your 31 Day Friend, Sally at Garden Valley Homestead.

    • Thanks. I’m so happy to be back in CA. I am enjoying my time with my little guy, he is a lot of work, but so sweet.

    • In the beginning we were really busy and then we got into a routine. I guess at training there was a lot of standing around and waiting. Good point. 🙂

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