Take my life and let it be for your glory

Take my life and let it be for your glory.

Take my life and let it be for your glory: Life - Day 15 #write31days

Before I left for Afghanistan I remember being scared.

I was uncertain I would survive the adventure I was about to embark on. I’m not sure if it was the fear of dying or just the fear of the unknown, but either way, I was scared and unsure. The Sunday before I left for training in Indiana the church I attended sang “Take my life and let it be for Your Glory.” I broke down.

All the fear and uncertainty I was feeling were poured into that song. I realized I was trying to control a situation I had no control over and I needed to trust in God. Knowing whatever happened it would be for His Glory. Not mine. I couldn’t do this alone. I needed to trust in God. The song was a theme that I focused on during the whole deployment and it is still written on my Facebook page. My life is his and I am here to glorify him.

We wouldn’t all survive

One day while I was sitting in training I was being overly reflective. I realized that all of the people in the large auditorium were headed to Afghanistan. The likelihood that we would all still be alive a year later was highly unlikely. Who would be the ones who would pass on to the next life? What sacrifice would they be giving? Were they parents, siblings, daughters, or sons?

We are all connected to someone. The people that were touched by my deployment often times didn’t even know me. They knew me through a friend or family member and committed to pray or send me e-mails, care packages, or letters. It was amazing to me how my going to Afghanistan could open so many doors to people who did not know about what was going on. It showed me how small the world truly is and how wonderful people are.

I am forever grateful for every care package, letter, and e-mail I received. And maybe the relationships I formed through this unique experience is why writing a blog made so much sense to me.

My life is his. This is my story.

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So much focus is on leaving for the deployment. But what do you do with the emotions after coming home from a deployment. How am I taking what I learned from my deployment and using it today. #deployment #militarylife #cominghome

14 comments on “Take my life and let it be for your glory

  1. Wow! What a great way to start the day. I’ll remember the song “Take my life and let it be for Your Glory.” . I never went through what you did but I certainly can appreciate and and thankful for all the military. My song for getting through a problem when working and still is “One day at a Time.”
    You have a great day.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our story and for your incredible service. What a slap upside the head for me this morning, in the best way possible. I needed it. Much love to you and your family

  3. Thank you for serving our country! Sounds like you have an incredible journey and story to share with us. I also think of another hymn that is along those lines “Take my life that I may be; consecrated Lord to thee.” A great post today!

  4. Your comment about us all being connected to someone… and how we may not even know that someone, has been a recurrent theme. When I look at my life, I often see a mundane existence. I sometimes question if I make a difference… but then I look at my son and how he blesses others. I think of all of the nursing students I have taught, and how they then go forth and make a difference.
    May He use me everyday to accomplish His purpose. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for serving God and for serving your country. May you always feel His presence as you journey through life. Thank you for linking up. I’m pinning this post so I can come back and read some more :).

    • Thanks for pinning. I saw your link up on the 31 day fb page and thought my post would fit right in. Thanks for the link up and thanks for stopping by.

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