Grand Canyon Railway

Last week my family went on a trip to Sedona, AZ on the way we stopped in William, AZ to take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I had ridden the train before with my parents and couldn’t wait to go on this adventure with my husband and son.

Grand Canyon Railway Adventure #travelus #AZA

There are a number of different train cars to ride the train to the Grand Canyon. The options of cars were Pullman, Coach, First Class, Observation Dome, Luxury Dome Class, and Luxury Parlor Class). We choose the Pullman Car, which was the cheapest option and if the train car had been full it would have been a tight fit, but luckily the car was less than half full and once everyone had boarded we were able to spread out and relax.

We also learned that if it had been peak season and two trains were required. First Class and the Dome Cars would leave the train station first and Coach would be on a second train leaving 30 minutes later. We had great views with large open windows. Although we didn’t see any wild life, but it was still a fun and relaxing. We also were treated to music from a local artist.

Grand Canyon Railway Adventure #travelus #AZA

Our Train took us to the Grand Canyon

After the two hour fifteen minute train ride we arrived at the Grand Canyon. There were a number of places to eat ranging from casual to sit down. We opted for the food court at Maswik’s Lodge. After lunch we hiked the rim trail and stopped at various spots along the way. We took the Blue Angel trail. It took us off of the paved path and led us down into the canyon. Not bringing our hiking backpack for Luke caused us to only go a short distance. We hiked to the archway on the trail and then headed back. Our final stop along the Rim Trail was the Visitor’s Center. The view of the Canyon was amazing as we walked along the rim. It is such a spectacular site and even bigger than I remembered. After 3 short hours it was time to head back to our train car.

1409_Grand_Canyon_094   1409_Grand_Canyon_044

After a day of fun, back to Williams

We headed back to Williams and we thought we were back without seeing the pesky robbers from the shoot out in the morning. When all of a sudden our train stooped and the robbers jumped on board. We screamed and put up our hands when the entered our train car. We had been warned to keep our money visible if we wanted to participate in the fun.

Grand Canyon Railway Adventure    Grand Canyon Railway Adventure

And when the sheriff arrived we yelled “My hero.” Since he had saved us from the robbers from coming back again.

We pulled into the train station right on time, but our day wasn’t done we headed to Sedona and stopped for dinner on the way. See my post on Sedona here.

Before we headed out to the train we drove along Route 66.


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