How to Care for Military Families

It is Friday so it is time to write for 5 minutes. The FMFriday work is CARE.



Military families are just like your family except they are probably far away from theirs. They likely don’t have Grandma and Grandpa living nearby. When they stay in town for holidays they probably do not have anywhere to go. They are a tight knit group of people since they live so far away from relatives and move at such a frequent rate. People often do not show how much they are struggling in a new place so these are my thoughts on how you can help care for military families.

Bring them a meal. Maybe they just moved or the military member is away on business trip or maybe there is not a reason. A meal can be a special blessing whenever provided.

Invite New People

If you are having a get together and it more than a family affair invite them. We have spent many holidays alone and everyone is doing family events which I understand, but often wish I had a family I could join in on to celebrate these special days.  Any holiday (Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc) is a great time to open your doors to not only those in need, but those who may need a family to celebrate. We often have to choose which holiday to go home for and being alone is never too much fun.

Give them advice on the local stuff.

Maybe there is a great restaurant in the area or maybe the best place in town to get your tires from. Any insider advice is appreciated as we don’t know where the locals would go and end up at the big box stores or chain restaurants. We would love to support the local economy, but often don’t know how.


So I ran out of time, but I think I will mule over this and maybe someday in the future I can provide a full list of things to share. In the time being does anyone have any advice on how to make people military or not feel welcome to their neighborhood? My neighbors did an excellent job on our last move. Brownies and hellos. 🙂

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