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In my military days working out each week was often a requirement to the job. With my new job of staying at home it has been a challenge to find time to workout and a good routine. Luckily, I have had a lot of help along the way and have found ways to stay active and fit. I currently weigh 20 lbs less than when I got pregnant with my son. Considering I was doing P90X2 prior to my pregnancy and thought I was in pretty good shape I’m excited that I have made it to this weight. Here are some tips to help get you started on your active lifestyle journey.

Are your ready to start the new year off right? What workout would be best for you? Find a workout that fits your life style. The best workout is the one that fits where you are right now. #workout #resolution #gethealthy

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Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home

While pregnant I still worked out regularly. One of my favorite workouts that is low intensity and can be done with a limited amount of space is Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone.  The link at the top takes you to my favorite of her workout programs. It is a 5 Day Slim Down. Five miles of walking each with a different theme.  You can do one to five miles.  I love this program.  She has a number of different workout videos and they can all be ramped up or down to meet you at the fitness level you are at.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!


Grab a stroller or a baby carrier and if you are lucky a friend and just walk around the block. You will be amazed what 30 minutes a day of walking can do to your body and your energy level

Family shot after Mother's Day 5k

Family shot after Mother’s Day 5k


If you are at a moderate fitness level or have been walking and want to kick it up a notch start running. You can either focus on trying to run a set distance or incorporate boost (short 1-2 minute jogs) into you walking. Set a goal to run a mile, then 2 and onward to whatever your fitness goal is. I hope to do another half marathon someday.

Work outs to fit your lifestyle. Ideas I share about working out after having a baby

Daddy and Luke biking

Biking (Road or Mountain)

Road biking can be a fun family adventure. We invested in a Burley Bee Bike Trailer, which my husband normally pulls, but it is something I can do as well. We have also invested in Bike Shorts. The more you bike the less sore you will be the next day. If you have a trailer you can pack snacks and ride to your nearest park. Make it an adventure and it won’t even seem like you are burning calories.

For a less family friendly adventure, at least until the kids are older (for us), you can try out mountain biking. Make sure you start with an easy trail and have a bike that has shocks. Mountain trails are no place for road bikes. The more you bike the more skills you can accomplish. I can’t wait for Luke to be old enough so we can start hitting the trails again. The best place to look for trails is Single Tracks

YMCA membership

With a mobile baby and a home that does not have as much space as before I have opted to join the Y. With the free child care, array of classes and workout equipment. This is turning out to be a great fit. If you are military most Y’s have great military discounts. They are still a great option if you are looking to connect with people in your community. If you are looking for a gym find out if they have free trials and test it out to see if it fits your lifestyle.

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So here are some of the ways that I have worked to be active and fit. Please comment below with more ways to stay active and healthy.

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