Work out Routines to fit your lifestyle

In my military days working out each week was often a requirement for my job. But when I left the military I had to create my own workout routine to fit my lifestyle. When I transitioned out of the military I became a stay at home mom and found it challenging to continue my past work out routine. Even though it was challenging to fit working out into my new life it was important for my mental and physical health so I made it work. The one thing I have learned over the years is that making adjustments to my work out routines was essential to fit my lifestyle.

Are your ready to start the new year off right? What work out routine would be best for you? Find a workout that fits your life style. The best workout is the one that fits where you are right now. #workout #resolution #gethealthy

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Walking and Running

As much hype as there is about extreme workouts. Running and walking are a great way to stay fit and healthy and although strength training is important too. The most important part of working out if you are not working out is to get your body moving. That is why walking is so important if you are not working out. If you are consistently walking and want to boost your metabolism start adding in running. Even if it is only for short 30 second intervals it can help increase your metabolism and you will see positive change. There is plenty of couch to 5K programs you can find on Pinterest. Or maybe you want to train for a longer race or just start running for yourself. Walking and running are a great source of exercise and it is always good to get out of the house. And for me using a running stroller with young kids made it a great sanity break out of the house. Work outs to fit your lifestyle. Ideas I share about working out after having a baby

Biking (Road or Mountain)

Road biking can be a fun family adventure. My family invested in a Burley Bee Bike Trailer, which my husband used most often. But I used it while in LA to ride down to the beach. After moving to Virginia we had gotten out of the habit of bike riding, but with COVID hitting we spent time this Spring teaching the boys to ride their bikes. We have now outgrown the Bike Trailer and all four are on our bikes. One thing to note, if you haven’t ridden in a while you will have a sore tuchey after your first long ride. One thing that can help is Bike Shorts. While you will still likely be a little sore the next day, you at least won’t walk funny. And the more you bike the less sore you will be the next day.

For a less family-friendly adventure, at least until the kids are older, you can try out mountain biking. Make sure you start with an easy mountain bike trail and have a bike that has shocks. Mountain trails are no place for road bikes. The more you bike the more skills you can accomplish. The best place to look for trails is Single Tracks.

Are you leaving the military? Are you unsure what comes next? Struggling with what do next? I can help. I served in Air Force for six years before becoming a military spouse, mom and blogger. The transition from military to mom was a hard one for me and the one thing that helped me was finding purpose again. I want to help you navigate the transition of life after the military and help you thrive. I created a workbook with the tools I have learned the past four years. Leading me from lost, lonely mom to momprenuer. #militarylife

Other Work out Routines

Strength training and high-intensity workouts are so important and being able to do them at home is an added bonus. I have used Beachbody programs for years. And love that I can pop in a disc and get in a workout in less than an hour. I’m really excited about Apple’s new service being released soon. I’m ready for something new after doing the same Beachbody programs for the last few years. And yes, I know Beachbody has an on-demand platform as well. There are a number of different options when it comes to on-demand workout programs from home. And some of the best are on YouTube for free.

No matter what activity you choose. Make sure to plan it into your weekly activities. If you don’t have a plan on when you will work out, you likely will run out of time each day to get it done. So matter what you choose have a plan and then have fun. What is your favorite way to work out?

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