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As we come to a close to end cloth diaper week. I hope you learned some things and enjoyed the fun give away.  I want to thank my sponsor Leaf and Lather for their participation in the give away and making a promo code available. Feeling incredibly blessed that I could share my thoughts about cloth diapers.

There are so many reasons I love cloth diapers, but the main reason is the cost comparison.  You invest an up front cost and then you reap the rewards of not having to spend money on diapers week after week.  I know there are charts that show how much you save and although I still use disposable diapers for traveling and other life situations. I know in the long run that the cost savings is on the plus size for me.

I also love cloth because I’m not really sure what is in disposable diapers and the less disposable diapers I have to use for my baby the better.  Cloth is what it is cloth.  And although I was worried they would be a lot of work.  They are so easy.  They do require a few (okay a lot) of laundry loads, but being worried about the mess and not wanting to deal with it is not something that I have found to be a problem. And if you don’t have the time for laundry there is alway a service that you can pay for.

My last reason I love cloth diapers is because I love the cute prints because I am cheap I don’t buy more and more, but love the ones I have.  I love the blue robot one, it is my favorite.  Makes me smile when I see it.

If you have any questions about cloth comment below or send me an e-mail! I would be happy to help anyone who is thinking about cloth diapers.

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