I’m Ready

It is Thursday night and this week’s word is READY.  I was hoping it would be reflection because I’m ready to reflect on all that happened on September 11th, 13 years ago and how it changed everything, but I don’t pick the prompt word.  So here I go…


Are you ready to take the next step?

Are you ready to dream big?

No, I mean really big.

I was watching a show the other day and the spokes person said most people don’t dream bigger than their fear. And since their fear isn’t enabling them to take the first step and the risks (their dream) don’t out weigh the fear, they never take that step.

This blog for me is my dream and sometimes I’m afraid to hit post, but when I do. I am often surprised by the connections that people comment. I am surprised that my story can relate to theirs. And each time I hit publish I never regret it.

So, I dream about how my blog can be here to empower and encourage women to do the impossible. How I want to share women’s birth stories, their hard time and the good.  I want to share easy recipes and old stories of my journey in Afghanistan.  And I hope by sharing my story I can make a small difference in this world. I’m going to keep dreaming big. I won’t let fear stop me. I’m ready!

6 comments on “I’m Ready

  1. Amen! Fear has stopped me in my tracks, and held me back far too often… I love that you are dreaming big with how your words and your blog can bless and encourage! We are neighbors tonight over at Kate’s place! Glad I stopped by!

  2. What sort of birth stories are you planning to share? Some from Afghanistan? I wrote about my birth story for this prompt, and it got featured on Kate’s website, yakes, that was crazy.

    • I wish I had more interaction with the women of Afghanistan, but it wasn’t possible. I want to share birth stories to empower women. I read a lot about natural birth, but only one true birth story. It was my life line when things didn’t go as planned and medical invention was necessary. Everyone should be proud of their story no matter what it is. If you would be interested in being a guest poster let me know.

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