Earthquake in Afghanistan

Another post from Afghanistan. This one is about an earthquake and other stuff that happened during the week!

I survived a pretty big earthquake in Afghanistan. Here is a letter home about the uneventful, but slightly dramatic event.  This update also provided other details about Afghanistan and me dreaming about going home.

Last night is slept through a 6.3 earthquake. We don’t know where the earthquake center was, but my roommate who didn’t sleep through the whole ordeal said the bed shook quiet a bit and her locker opened up. She almost said “Amanda what do you want?” I guess tents can survive earthquakes. It is kind of crazy that I slept through the whole ordeal. Everyone in my office woke up. I guess since it isn’t the first earthquake I have slept through I’m not that surprised. Luckily, there was no major damage to any of the buildings or any of the equipment on the base.

Another interesting thing that happened this week is that I had my first Afghan meal. I went to a meeting with an Afghan leader in the Bazaar (Afghan word for market) right next the FOB and when were about done, lunch showed up. It was an insane amount of food and surprisingly enough it was really good. We had rice, something similar to shredded beef and kabobs. We also had the best tasting nan (Afghan bread) I have had since I have been here. It was crispy and soft and super yummy. We finished the meal off with fresh fruit, watermelon, honeydew, bananas and apples. It was fun to eat such good food and was nice to see the generosity of some of the people in Afghanistan.

Nothing too exciting else has happened this week, we are just waiting for the replacements to show up and getting all our folders and paperwork up to date so that when they show up it is a smooth transition. We don’t have much time until the ADVON (pre-main body) arrives, but have over a month until the rest of the team shows up. Once everybody gets here it will be a short time until we start leaving to go home, I don’t know when that will be yet, but I am really excited that the time we have left. I’m going to miss all of the friends I have made and will be thankful for the things i have learned.

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