Dear Sister

How do you tell someone how something so small meant so much? When I moved to Ohio it was the middle of winter. If you are from California that probably doesn’t mean much, but if you are from somewhere that actually has winter you will know that there isn’t a lot of activity going on when there are 6 inches of snow on the ground and it is so cold. Actual cold, not California cold. So I moved to a brand new house and my husband was going working on his master and I didn’t see him very often, mainly only for dinner. The television became my companion after work and I would look outside to the cold and wonder what and who was out there.

So when my sister came to visit. She was excited to see the snow, but days before her arrival the snow disappeared and the weather changed to spring for her short February visit. The weather changing and a close friend (the closest you could have) caused me to feel for the first time in Ohio that maybe this new place would be a good home and in the end it really was.

We went shopping and drank wine while watching television. She pushed me to organize this room and that. And helped me turn my new house into my home. I don’t think she knows how much it meant for her to come and help me find my footing in my new house.

She brought eagerness and anticipation of what was to come. I still can’t believe that my four years in Ohio are already gone. I thought that I would never settle in to the rolling hills and cornfields of Ohio, but the time our time was up. I had made our house into a home. And as I left behind all my friends and the place that I made into our resting ground, I could always look back and see that it started with her. She pushed me in the direction to get up and stop watching television. She helped decorate my house with a welcome mat, limited pictures and a few strategically place pillows.

So now I look back in reflection and want to say thank you for coming to help me get settled. I can’t wait for you to come visit me again in my new home. I know you will have the perfect insight on the small missing pieces to my home. You don’t know how amazing you are, but I do.

Love, Amanda

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