Upgrading to All In One (AIO) cloth diapers

GroVia the Cadillac of Cloth Diapers

If you end up liking prefolds and would like to take the jump to something easier, but still helps to keep landfills empty. You can upgrade from prefolds to All In Ones (AIO) cloth diapers. There are a number of different brands available to try, Bumgenius , Fuzzi Bunz , but my personal favorite is GroVia.

GroVia diapers have a liner and some of the cutest prints available. You can start with a package deal for $394 to get started.

I haven’t actually bought any other diapers since the initial investment with GroVia and can make it two to three days before needing to do laundry, which works great for us. For a GroVia AIO diaper you need a cover and insert. You can use the cover for more than one diaper.

Cloth Diaper Week:  Upgrading to AIO cloth diapers.  Cloth Diaper Week:  Upgrading to AIO cloth diapers.

You also have a choice of snaps or Velcro.  I invested in both Velcro and snaps, but mainly Velcro. The snaps last longer, but you can get a great fit with the Velcro. My son is 15 months and I have been using GroVia exclusively since he was 6 months and I have not had any issues with the Velcro wearing out. I use my snap diapers as a last resort because it is hard to get a wiggly baby to sit still long enough to get the snaps in place.

The last thing you will need to think about it diaper rash cream.   Check out my next blog post to learn about natural products you can use with cloth diapers.

See yesterday’s post on how to get started with cloth diapers (prefolds)

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