My Review of Beachbody Workout Programs

Here is my review of the Beachbody Workout programs I have tried and loved.  I have used the Beachbody Program before and post baby. I love that the newest versions of programs have cut down the time dramatically and still offer great results.


T25 with Sean T

Post baby I wanted something that was similar to Insanity, but didn’t take the same amount of time. I completed the T25 10 week program and couldn’t believe the results I got in 25 min. There are two 5 week sections with great workouts. 25 min and you are done. This program focus’s mainly on cardio and all over body slimming. If you are looking for muscle gain you can add Gamma (Part 3 of T25 or switch to P90X).  I would recommend this to anyone looking to workout.  It can be modified to fit your fitness level and is so much fun.  Even though it is hard it is only 25 minutes. You can do it!


P90X (1, 2 or 3) with Tony Horton


(the original) my husband and I complete 2 sessions of this 90 day program.  Without my husband encouragement and love for this workout series it would not have been possible for me to say I am a P90X grad.  I wasn’t very good at keeping results or even taking pictures so I can’t really tell you what my results were, but I know when I left for Hawaii I felt and looked great.  My favorite workout from this series is the Ab Ripper X.  My least favorite workout is the Yoga, it is super hard and 1.5 hours.  The program requires you to invest a lot of time, but the results are amazing and if you follow the dieting plan you will have even better results.


is a great addition to P90X.  After 90 days of the same workouts you pretty much have every joke memorized and are ready for a more challenging work out.  This workout series also requires 6 days a week of working out for about an hour, but the yoga is a perfect way to build strength and relax. I don’t think there was a workout that I didn’t like from this program.  It is challenging and fun. You will look amazing at the end.


is an effective way to get great results and it is only 30 min. I loved the variety of workouts included and at the end my body felt so good. Not just stronger, but also just overall better.  This program includes Pilates, yoga and ??. in addition to the strength train, isometrics and plyometrics that come with the first two versions.  It is amazing how strong you get by focused workout that are only 30 minutes.  And the recovery week is a celebration for your body.  Just talking about this workout makes me want to pull it out and start it again.

21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese

I tried all of the workouts for the 21 Day fix and they are short and intense (about 30 min or less). So I loved them.  There is strength and cardio. I love that there is a clock to see how close you are to being done. And the included ab workout is only 10 min. I have a hard time following the diet. Mainly because they give you limited options and it requires you to do a lot of the research on your own and since I didn’t need to lose weight I didn’t think it was worth it.

But if you want results in 21 days I know people who have done it and have had great results.  And depending on how much you want to lose weight the options they give you may be worth it.  You only have to sacrifice for 21 days and you will get great results.

If you are interested in any of these Beachbody programs you can get a coach to help you reach your goals. I just started coaching again. Check out my website.

I also have to add Piyo to the list of Beachbody Programs I have tried. I am almost done with week one and love it. It is helping me grow stronger and work on my flexibility. These are two thing I think runners often neglect because I don’t know if you need them to be a good runner, but I know the flexibility part is awesome. I love it. I also like that the first two workout are only 20 minutes. And I’m sweaty when I’m finish.


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  1. Yay! Love the reviews. I have done two rounds of the 21-day fix, and I agree the meal plan was tough, though that is the period I lost the most weight. I’m now about two weeks into T25. I like it, but it is definitely challenging.

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