Oh to be free again.

Life is funny.

Often with each life situation you don’t realize the goodness of where you are until you are no longer there.  Before having a baby I had this dream about what it would be like to stay at home with my son.  It consisted of perfect days that required very little work from me.  He would have a schedule and life would be grand.

Oh how great life would be.

But being home with Luke each day is challenging and is not the paradise of ease I had planned on.  Before kids, you hear people talk about lack of sleep and crazy children and somehow your brain doesn’t comprehend what people are saying.


Maybe it is because you can’t understand how something people can be so excited about can be so hard.

Maybe you just have this picture in your mind that you can’t shake and the only way you can wake up to reality is to live it.  Then you can understand that even with how hard it is you can’t explain the joy and love the cute miracle you spend each day with.

And even though you are tired

And sometimes have a longing for when your life was simpler

Life was yours alone

You react with joy and excitement when you find out a friend is going to join in on the journey of motherhood

Because even though you miss sleeping all night long and throwing caution to the wind and living your life

Deep down you know your life is better, fuller, with this miracle that changed your life in more ways than you can imagine

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