Drive Across the Country – From Ohio to California

It took a week to drive across the country. We started in Ohio and ended in California. We finally made it, it was a lot of driving. On our drive across the country, we drove through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and finally California.

Driving across the country. We went from Ohio to California since the military moved us, yet again. Another adventure, a new start. Hear our experience of our drive across the country. #driveacrossthecountry #seeamerica #militaryspouse

We Stopped A
Davenport, IA (small town along the Mississippi),

Omaha, NE (Faircreek friends live there)

Denver, CO (a friend from my Afghanistan deployment lives there)

Montrose, CO (my husband’s sister lives there)

Richfield,UT (there isn’t much except mountains in Southern Utah)

Las Vegas, NV (friends from college live there)

And finally LA!

Highlights of our Drive Across the Country

Some of the highlights included dinner/breakfast with family and friends. We celebrated 4th of July with friends from our Faircreek family who now live in Omaha, Nebraska. Since fireworks that leave the ground have been illegal pretty much everywhere we lived, we were in for quite a show. On the drive home there were fire works shooting up all around us. It was a great way to celebrate the 4th, not to mention a great dinner.

We hit two national parks (Black Canyon (Colorado) and Zion (Utah)) and saw a lot of this beautiful country.


I have to say there isn’t much to see in Iowa and Nebraska along I-70, but we did stop at one of the sites of the original Pony Express.


Colorado brought a change of flat lands to rolling hills that quickly turned into mountainous peaks. We tried to stick to 5 or so hours of driving each day. That was quite enough with a cat and baby in tow. It was such a great adventure, but glad that it is behind us and now we can begin again.


A new home

Now it is time to settle in and find a new everything and start all over again. Since we are still living out of suitcases and at a hotel it feels like the vacation isn’t over, but standing in the super market yesterday it hit me. This is our new home, this is our new adventure. I can’t wait to see what the next four years bring.

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Have you drove across the country? What route did you take?

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