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Sometimes you know your life is changing and other times life is changing so slowly you do not even see the changes.  But things are always changing.

My life has been full of change the last three months.  We sold our house, moved in with friends, moved across the country and finally moved into our new home.  We could see the changes happening as they smacked us in the face.

But there were little changes inside of the big changes that did not seem so monumental, but have made our life totally different from what it was before.

Our crawler became a walker.

The boy who couldn’t stand up on his own is now squatting to pick up a ball, a bug, a toy.

Our random jabber started pointing out things, like bird in the sky, belly button, a nose that beeps and a dog walking along.

What does this all mean.  Our life may have changed in a big way since we moved across the country, but at the same time our infant is no longer an infant.  And soon (too soon) our toddler won’t be a toddler.  I guess all of this change makes me wonder where all the time went and how the first year of my little boys life is already gone.

I hope I can focus on living in the moment because it goes by way to fast.

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